Mesothelioma Symptoms

The beginning of mesothelioma symptoms is generally slow.

The main symptoms for pleural mesothelioma include chest pain and pain in the lower back, persisten coughing and difficculty in breathing. The patient undergoes a loss of weight and can also experience fever, swelling of the pace and arms and coughing up blood.

Symptoms associated with a peritoneal mesothelioma are nausea and vomiting, swelling of feet, fever abdominal bloating and damages of the bowel function.
As these symptoms are not specific they are usually ignored or considered to be symptoms of other minor diseases. Consequently, it is vital to look into the chances the person had or has of being exposed to asbestos and you can seeĀ asbestos removal Melbourne

The symptoms and signs are dependent on the place the mesothelioma is located, the size and the type of the mesothelioma ( malignant or bening). Benign kinds of mesothelioma are often asymptomatic.
Chest pains, shortness of breath, fever and loss of breath are other symptoms the person can experience.

Because of its lack of specificity the symptoms of mesothelioma are often ignore of mistaken. Therefore, it is important for people working in certain areas to pay special attention and monitor their health for these symptoms.


These occupations are considered to be of a high level of risk: brake mechanics, insulators, steel workers, shipfitters, pipe fitters and occupation where asbestos exposure is possible.
The chances of recovery from mesothelioma depend on different factors: age of the patient, size and location of the mesothelioma.

If mesothelioma is diagnosed in its early stages, the chances of surviving are high.

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