Good air duct cleaning San Antonio

Air duct cleaning San Antonio is the number way to prevent dryer fires. Failure to clean dryer vents is usually cause of dryer related fires. The Wizard of Modesto would like to provide some special holiday fire safety tips in addition to proper dryer vent maintenance to ensure a safe and happy holiday season to all. The number of home fires increases around holiday time resulting in deaths, injuries and loss of homes. Here are some tips that will reduce fire hazards during the holidays: Live Christmas Trees When live trees catch fire they can quickly fill a home with smoke and deadly gases. When using a live tree select a fresh-cut tree.

When the holidays are over, take your tree to a recycling center or have it hauled by your waste removal company. Do not attempt to burn it in your fireplace or wood burning stove. Holiday Lights and Decorations Check your holiday lights for frayed wires, broken light sockets and other signs of damage or wear. Do not overload electrical outlets or string too many strands together. Read directions for recommendations and safety precautions. Use flame resistant decorations; if you use an artificial tree, be sure it is also flame resistant. Use care with candles, placing them on a stable surface and out of reach of small children.

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