Hair Shampoo – Choosing the Best Shampoo For Your Hair

Hair shampoo seems to be the one hair product we either spend a lot of time thinking about, or little time thinking about. I have friends who swear by their brand and type of shampoo, and I have friends who don’t think twice about using a bar of soap.As president of one of the largest hair products manufacturers and distributors on the web, you can imagine I’m cringing at the thought of using soap to wash my hair. Yep, it’s a pretty scary though, but it gets the job done…and generally with little harm.Having said that, I do not support using bar soap to wash your hair or as a substitute for a well-selected shampoo. Hair shampoo, if chosen wisely, can do wonders for your hair. May products are formulated to either address specific hair problems or types, or to improve manageability and control. Understanding what you are looking for in a hair shampoo is the first “best step” towards finding the best shampoo for you. Nioxin side is also one of the good shampoos in the market and you can also check nioxin side effects.




What shampoo is best for your hair?

Many people are immediately aware of shampoos that allow their hair to behave and feel good. Sometimes by blind luck we use a product that “just works” for our hairstyle and type. It could be on vacation at a hotel or a friend or relatives house, it could be something you pick-up at the grocery store, or it could be something that’s been under the counter for a while you forgot you had. Either way, we periodically find something we love and that works well for our hair.

What makes a hair shampoo best for you? The answer is often related to your hair type. Coarse, thick or dry hair generally requires more moisture that most hair types to maintain control and manageability. Thin or thinning hair styles benefit from products that “plump” or add body. Hair prone to breaking needs strength and styles or types that frizz easily may need shampoo that encourages damage repair.

Hair shampoo can generally be divided into a small group of categories based on their function:

  • Moisturizing
  • Damage repair
  • Strengthening
  • Growth
  • Frizz and dry hair control
  • Oily hair maintenance
  • Color maintenance

Many manufacturers have further subdivided these categories and have introduced product lines or sub-lines to target specific active ingredients e.g., tea tree oil, green tea, olive oil, coffee, etc. But generally, addressing your hair type and style combined with pleasing aroma is the best combination.

Hair shampoo that moisturizes is probably the most effective and popular among hair products. The leading cause of damage is fluid depletion from heat damage, chemical treatments or over-styling. Shampoo that uses Emu Oil, Panthenol, or tea tree oil help improve moisture content, moisture retention and provides control to dry, frizzy or fly-away hair.

For faster growing hair, many manufacturers use Trichogen or Minoxidil formulations to stimulate new hair growth and to slow or reverse hair loss. Trichogen is a botanical complex of 14 herbs, minerals and compounds which have been shown to improve blood circulation to the scalp, increase nutrient and vitamin delivery, and enhancing vital nutrients for hair growth. Usually combined with shampoos that deep clean to remove obstacles to hair growth, hair shampoo developed for hair growth can help stimulate growth and improve manageability to thin or thinning hair.

Oily hair presents its own problems. Sebaceous glands located within the follicle pore secrete sebum – hair oil – that works to lubricate and nourish the follicle shaft. Sebaceous glands can become overactive and the result is oily or greasy hair. Though regular or frequent washing will help fight oily hair, regulating the sebaceous gland is the best method for controlling oily hair. Hair shampoo that contains Zinc PCA will not only deep clean, but will regulate oil production – providing cleaner fresher hair.

When considering which hair shampoo is best for your, first consider your hair type and what your objectives may be. Experiment and try different brands – there are many products available that not only smell great but can give you ultimate control and style.

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