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I offer three Levels of training. The platform goal is for the handler and dog to accomplish 24 consecutive classes through participation in all three Levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), thereby resulting in a reliably trained handler/dog team.  Once the platform has been accomplished, many dog/handler teams are more than ready to enter the obedience ring or other dog sport events and are more than ready to become therapy dog teams.

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The first level is known as:

Level 1 or “Beginner” – Novice handler and novice dog or puppy.  This is where each dog and handler (owner) begins their training.  This is an eight week course (one hour, once a week for 8 consecutive classes). Lessons learned: Heeling on leash, come when called, fig. 8, down/stay, sit/stay, stand/stay (all include distance work), leave-it, long line work and whistle training. All exercises taught are in accordance with A.K.C. Companion Dog Exercises and prepare both dog and handler for A.K.C. Obedience Trials.   Although you may never want to enter an obedience trial, you and your dog will have the necessary training and preparation as if you were going to attend A.K.C. Obedience Trials.  After Level 1 has been completed, each handler and dog team then moves up to Level 2. 

Level 2: Level 2 is for the intermediate dog/handler teams who have completed Level 1. At this Level you have accomplished good skill sets and your dog is following your commands. Handlers will now take their dogs thru a minimal correction phase in accordance with L.I.M.A. (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive) to prepare for distraction work, allowing the dog to become fluent in his commands. After this 8 week course, handlers and dogs automatically move on to Level 3.

Level 3: This is the final Level of the training platform. At this Level, you and your dog are moving and working as a team. Handler and dog are bonded and the dog is fluent in obedience exercises therefore the commands that you have taught the dog are reliable on and off leash. Dogs at this level are off leash trustworthy on the field. Dogs will be executing recalls (coming when called) from a sit stay at a distance of 30 plus feet under distractions.  Dogs should be reliable with all exercises taught at this time. 

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