Good air duct cleaning San Antonio

Air duct cleaning San Antonio is the number way to prevent dryer fires. Failure to clean dryer vents is usually cause of dryer related fires. The Wizard of Modesto would like to provide some special holiday fire safety tips in addition to proper dryer vent maintenance to ensure a safe and happy holiday season to all. The number of home fires increases around holiday time resulting in deaths, injuries and loss of homes. Here are some tips that will reduce fire hazards during the holidays: Live Christmas Trees When live trees catch fire they can quickly fill a home with smoke and deadly gases. When using a live tree select a fresh-cut tree.

When the holidays are over, take your tree to a recycling center or have it hauled by your waste removal company. Do not attempt to burn it in your fireplace or wood burning stove. Holiday Lights and Decorations Check your holiday lights for frayed wires, broken light sockets and other signs of damage or wear. Do not overload electrical outlets or string too many strands together. Read directions for recommendations and safety precautions. Use flame resistant decorations; if you use an artificial tree, be sure it is also flame resistant. Use care with candles, placing them on a stable surface and out of reach of small children.

Can Hidden Water Leaks Be Linked To Health Problems?

water-leaksWater leaks cause extensive damage to our lives if left unchecked. From soaring water bills to destruction of property not to mention health hazards. One of the most overlooked effects of water leaks may be the unforeseen health complications that arise after a period of time.

Water leaks need to be identified and corrected early before they become health hazards to you and your family. Here at ADI, we have experienced engineers who can help you to find the leaks. Here are some of the complications that may arise due to water leaks;

  1. Asthma, allergies and other Irritations

Leaking water systems lead to accumulation of water in floors, ceilings, and walls. Some leakages such as broken sewers accumulate smelly stagnant water. The water forms a perfect ground for the growth of moulds, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Exposure to these microorganisms leads to irritation and other disease complications. Some of the complications arising from exposure to these bacteria include;

  • Eye irritation
  • Nose, throat and skin irritation
  • Rashes and patches on the skin
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Coughing and sneezing

Don’t let your family members suffer from allergies and asthma arising from a preventable cause. Call in ADI leak detection team today.

  1. Migraines, Anxiety, and Stress

The leaking water pipes in your home leave behind damp patches everywhere. The extra humid air causes irritations and stress to your body. Wet timber within the wet patches starts to rot producing bad odours. The odour can be irritating and toxic to some extent.

The damp air causes headaches and mild migraines in some as the body tries to adjust to the increased humidity. The smelly stench arising from the rot also causes a rise in anxiety levels according to a report concluded from a recent study. There is no reason to wait for the stench and wild headaches to set it for you to consider repairing the water leak. Reach out to us the water leaks detection experts.

  1. Disease-carrying bugs and pests.

The wet and soggy patches provide an excellent breeding ground for bugs such as mosquitoes and mites. Mosquito bites are known to cause itchy red swellings around the bite sites. Underground broken sewers and drains house different types of flies which carry deadly infections. Some of the diseases spread by houseflies include;

  • Dysentery
  • Diarrhoea
  • Myiasis

Myiasis is a parasitic disease in which the larvae reside in the human host, which is you. It leads to complications such as vomiting and diarrhoea. Inhaling fragments of this flies may lead to respiratory problems such as Asthma.

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Mechanical and Electrical Dryer Repair

The following information describes the procedures used to test and repair the mechanical and electrical components of clothes dryer.

Electrical Dryer Checks
Warning: To avoid electrical shock, disconnect the power supply before testing any component. When testing the drive motor, be sure that the motor and test cord are grounded. General the recommended method to check electrical component, is with the aid of a volt. When testing a component, remove the wires that are connected to it. The producing electrical components such as motors, solenoid coils, and healers will show tile resistance of the circuit in ohms. Contacts that are closed in timers or switches should not show any appreciable resistance between the terminals. By following a timer chart and positioning the timer in a given cycle, the timer contacts can be checked. Switch charts show opened and closed Contacts in the various selector switch positions. These charts should be followed when testing a switch.
Motor circuit Electric and gas dryers when diagnosing an electrical problem, always keep in mind the current flow needed to operate a dryer motor (120 volts). The electrical current must go through the power supply circuit protector (fuse or circuit breaker), dour switch the moment switch in conjunction with the internal motor switch, the timer, selector switch, and the motor thermal overload protector.

To test the drive motor, use the following procedure:
1. Mark the location or color code of the lead wires. Remove any external power source leads from the motor. Do not remove the internal motor leads to tile motor switch.
2. With an external 120-volt ac dryer grounded power supply, connect the wires to terminals. The motor should run. If it does not run, remove the motor from the unit.
3. Oil open-framed motors, make continuity test on the motor leads, terminals switch, and between terminals I and 5 of the switch. If an open circuit is indicated on either test, replace the Switch and repeat the above tests.
4. To test terminal 5, connect the 120-volt power leads to terminals 1 and 3. Apply power, and at the same time, jumper terminals and 5 just long enough to bring the motor up to speed. Remove the juniper. The motor should continue to operate with the leads on terminals 1 anti 5. If the motor slops, replace the switch.


Quality hormone therapy in Charlotte NC

Is it true that you are feeling tired more often than not and have lost your vitality? Have you put on additional weight and are your muscles transforming into fat? Have you lost your quality? Is your state of mind level? Have you lost your enthusiasm for sex, or is it out and out diligent work having intercourse nowadays? Is your vitality and imperativeness not at all like it used to be, or do you feel a minor shadow of your previous self?

On the off chance that you have been gesturing your head to the majority of the above inquiries, and you are more than 40 years old, at that point there is a solid shot that you might experience the ill effects of an ailment named low testosterone.


This condition is progressively basic in men (and to a lesser degree, ladies) in our general public because of various components, anyway fortunately it can without much of a stretch and securely be dealt with.

On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of diabetes, hypertension, stoutness or lung sickness and you are more than 40, your odds of having low testosterone are 1 out of 3.

Hormone therapy utilizing common testosterone therapy will assist you with feeling and look much better, will significantly support your longing and capacity to have substantially more powerful sex, and is henceforth a successful type of regular hormone therapy.

Bioidentical hormone therapy utilizing normal testosterone will likewise support muscle measure, decrease muscle to fat ratio, improve your state of mind, help your heart work, help you to feel stimulated and brimming with imperativeness, and critically, can give you a sentiment of energetic extravagance by and by.

All things considered, who wouldn’t like to feel youthful, sexual, strong, and stimulated once more?

Testosterone therapy can reestablish your hanging testosterone levels to a substantially more young state and can securely do the majority of the abovementioned and the sky is the limit from there.

Ladies have utilized hormone therapy in Charlotte NC for a long time, and all the more as of late progesterone substitution therapy is turned out to be exceptionally powerful for ladies also. Estrogen hormone therapy is a lot more secure and successful when common or bioidentical hormones are utilized, and the equivalent applies to men thinking about male hormone substitution.

Hormone swap therapy for the two people is a key segment in a total enemy of maturing program.

Reliable heating and air Charlotte NC

HVAC implies heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors. These are individuals you contract to introduce your truly necessary heating and air conditioning systems in the home and structures. They are affirmed experts who have the best possible learning and aptitudes in introducing, repairing and cleaning assorted types and size of units whether little or expansive.

Before getting heating and air Charlotte NC, make sure you have the appropriate data, for example, the atmosphere in your area, the measure of daylight you get each day and regions in the home which might be difficult to ventilate. The contractors typically request these data which they use in taking the fundamental measures from introducing air conditioning units, warmers, furnaces, pipes and ventilation. HVAC individuals do their work in a wide range of homes, regardless of whether expansions, new development, rebuilds, kitchens, washrooms, visitor houses and carport condos.


A few people don’t have experience managing HVAC contractors particularly the individuals who purchase a heating or cooling system previously introduced in the house they buy. Once in a while, this makes it troublesome for them to get the best arrangement.

This ought not be an issue, however, as there are some approaches to make the way toward contracting the correct ones simpler. The most essential strides to take are to request suggestions from companions who have had past involvement with contractors. Companions, relatives or partners in your office will without a doubt have someone to suggest for you.

When you have a rundown of names, you may influence a call to each one of them to discover to what extent they to have been in the business and after that check their references just as their licenses. The references are essential as you can get extra data from them about the abilities and encounters of the HVAC contractors. Confirm their qualifications, permit, protection and Business Bureau enrollment.

While conversing with your imminent contractors, you can ask how they will decide the right size of the new system and in the event that you have to get a license or they can get it for you.